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We Providing a best web development services in India with very cheap rates. We giving you the best service. We value our client time.

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We Providing a best web desgining in india with very cheap rates. we gives you the best services.

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Want to host your website? Want to name your website? Meet us for best domain and hosting service.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

get your own name in google plus url

Now google enabled facility of custom url, If you want to use your name in google plus url instead of user id, now you can do this by setting of your profile.

This is best for search results, and easy to do, just go to your google profile setting and change url. Thats it..

Above is my profile name look like after changing it, you can also try it.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

web development company in bhavnagar

Are you from Bhavnagar? want a great web service in Bhavnagar? We are here providing the best web development services for whole world but we have special offers only Bhavnagar clients, We make websites for Bhavnagar client with very cheap rates, also giving the best other services and quality suggestions to related web development for free. As we are in Bhavnagar that's why we offers this best deal only for Bhavnagar clients. 

web development company in bhavnagar

We making dynamic and static websites, We uses languages for making websites like PHP, JAVA, JQUERY, CSS, HTML 5. We also making e-commerce websites with low rates in Bhavnagar with wordpress, magento, joomla etc as now a days e-commerce becoming more and more famous in the world. 

Our normal website package starting with INR 3000 for static websites with HTML and Jquery which includes 5 pages like 
* Home (With Jquery Slide Show)
* About Us
* Services
* Photo Gallery
* Contact Us
If you want to add one more extra page related your website then feel free to tell us, we are not going to charge extra for it.  

Our Dynamic Website package starting with INR 5500 with totally PHP JAVA CSS language which includes 6 pages in website and a secure admin area. You can change and update your site yourself from admin area. You can upload or change photos or you can edit content of site from this admin area. 
* Home (With Jquery Slide Show)
* About Us
* Services
* Products
* Photo Gallery
* Contact Us
+ Admin area with log in information.

Services which you will get absolutely free with projects are includes
* Google Analytics account setup
* Google Webmaster tools account setup
* Listing your site in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines
* On page SEO
* 6 month Edition in website
* Email account setups with your domain name
* and many more...

So what are you waiting for? call us now or email us or fill the contact form which is in right sidebar and send us your query.  Feel free to contact us anytime. We available 24*7 .. :) 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Web Designing Company in Bhavnagar

Looking to best web designing service with low rates? want to make your website with latest design and with good color combination? want to make beautiful designed website? this all becomes with low rates.

Today, importance of online business is increasing, people now a days want to grow their business more and more on internet and they want to get more customers through internet business promoting. If you want to increase in your profit by online customers then you need to make your own website. you have to put your business information in your website so people can read about your business and get in touch with you. You have to put your contact information so customers can easily contact you. Show your business location in google map so customers can easily find you in your area. You want this all service but you have not much money for that? don't worry. we are here for you, we giving you the best services which you didn't get ever anywhere else with lowest rates. We believes in quality of works not in quantity of works. so we can understand your time value and your money value that's why we are giving you the great services. 

web designing company in bhavnagar
make your own website

We made many successful projects with different of type. Our clients are more satisfied with us. Whenever our client get in trouble or they get any kind of errors in projects made by us, we instantly starting to work to solved out that errors. we never giving negative response to our client that's why they trusting us a lot. We giving good knowledge of web design or any queries related of web to our clients. 

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to Contact Us. 

Domain Hosting in Bhavnagar

Need to name your website? need to host your website with cheap rate? If you want to buy cheapest domain name and web hosting in India then feel free to Contact Us.

We have a cheap domain and hosting plans which you never get anywhere else in India with great services. We have .com, .in, .co.in, .net, .biz, .us, .uk, .co.uk, .org and many more word wide domain extension with low rates.


We have a Windows and Linux hosting plans. If you want to host single website or multiple websites, then no need to worry now because we have all kind of plans for you like reseller, VPS, dedicated, shared hosting. all are with best support and windows, cpanel includes.

Do you have Small Business? don't want to invest more in domain and hosting? then why are you worrying for? we have a lowest price plans for you.

Book your domain and hosting plans now and start your own online business online to earn more. :)

seo services in bhavnagar

Seo Services In Bhavnagar

Want to get more traffic in your website or blog? Want to increase profit from your online content? Want to improve your business services online? If yes, then you need to do seo for your site or blog. yes, seo(search engine optimization) is necessary now a days for increase profit in your online business because as you know today many competitors in the online market related your field. 
In this service includes, 
Check your content, 
Update your content, 
Check your meta tags, 
Check your other tags, 
Optimize your website or blog. 

We optimize your website fully and then make necessary changes as per SEO rules. it takes some time duration. You have to wait for at least some month to get in proper result. We giving you the best support in our whole contract period. This service is contract based service. 

We giving you a best SEO services which you didn't get ever. We value our clients timing. We value our clients business that's why we are take your contract seriously. 

If you want to do SEO for your site or blog then feel free to get free quotes from us. Contact Us and start doing SEO as soon as possible. Don't waste your time. Time is most important in our field. :)

Blogger and Adsense Service

Adsense Service

Blogging and Adsense becoming more and more popular now a days. Adsense is the best adverting and publisher business service providing by Google. Most people now a days using adsense in their website or blogger and make money through it. This is the best services ever by Google for those people who want to make money online without doing hard work. Simply apply for google adsense for free and get approved and then paste ad codes in your web page or blog, and start to earn money.

make money with google adsense
Make money with adsense

If you don't know what is Adsense and how to earn through this? then no need to worry now, because we providing the best services of adsense with low rates. So what are you waiting for ? Contact Us now and start your earning as soon as possible.

Blog Service

Blog is the best free service for promoting your business online for free. You don't need to buy Domain name or don't need to buy Hosting. Just start to blogging and make more profit from your online business. Many online companies offers to blog for free like Google, Wordpress etc. They giving the best services to blog and its also friendly with search engine that's why you can get more and more customers online. 
Don't know how to make blog? Don't know how to publish posts? Don't know how to apply adsense in blog? Don't know how to earn money from your blog with adsense? Why are you worrying now as we are here for giving you all services with cheap rates.? Contact Us now for more detail. 

Start Blogging and earn lots of money. Enjoy :)

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